Business Opportunities in Dubai UAE

Dubai is a heaven for import businesses. For anybody who wants to establish a business, or start a business venture on their own or in partnership, there are a couple of issues one should take note of:

Dubai’s import revenue is humongous.

Dubai’s non-oil imports have risen sharply and there is a lot of scope for greater expansion. Dubai is becoming a hub for trading and is in turn becoming a major supplier for neighboring countries.

With a growing number of expatriates, there is an increasing demand for ‘foreign’ food products, latest electronic goods and other high-end products. So Dubai is definitely a great market and there are plenty of opportunities for greater export trading and establishing export businesses.

There are no stringent foreign exchange rules, quotas or conditions. The import duties are low, and many products are exempt from taxation.

The transportation facilities from the port to warehouses are unmatched in terms of efficiency and operations. So it is easy to transport and store goods in less time thus increasing profit margins.